Why Hire an SQL Server Consultant?

Hire an SQL Server Consultant

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Why Hire an SQL Server Consultant?

Almost every business accumulates data that needs to be managed and optimized. If your business has an in-house SQL Server DBA, or team of them, it might be tempting to assume they can handle all your data needs. In other words, if someone suggests you hire an SQL Server consultant, you may balk at the idea. 

“I have capable resources within my team,” you might say. “Can’t they handle our needs? Why would we add bottom-line costs by hiring a consultant?”

This common reaction is understandable until you see the bigger picture. Your willingness to bring in an experienced external consultant can open doors to new solutions and solve costly, long-standing problems.  

Whether you are planning a migration, looking for a database health check, or need to resolve a pressing issue, there are many reasons to hire an SQL Server consultant. Let’s take a closer look. 

  1. No Internal Bias

Just as we become tolerant of inefficiencies in our homes, adapting to a dishwasher with broken buttons or an electric mower that needs some TLC to start, it’s easy to lose sight of the shortcomings of our data systems when we work with them every day. 

Often, internal teams inherit data issues from previous teams or inefficient systems that require time and/or specialized knowledge to repair. When this is the case, you’ll often hear statements, such as:

“It’s been that way since I started here.”

“The system still works. You just have to take this one extra step.”

“We configured it that way to resolve an issue a couple of years ago.”

As long as a system produces results, after all, it can be hard to find the time and motivation to make it more efficient. Over time, it’s easy to have a bias for what ultimately works, instead of what works efficiently and effectively over the long term. 

When you hire a consultant, you invite a fresh perspective to your existing systems. As a result, you can sidestep internal bias and inject new resolve.  

  1. A Willingness to Dig into Issues

Sometimes, fixing data issues comes down to perspective and a willingness to dig into issues. Just as you would hire HR specialists to help you get to the bottom of an issue around your business culture, it’s important to use external data experts to see the big picture and have hard conversations where necessary. 

A good consultant won’t be out to prove your team wrong or cast a negative light on work that’s been done. Instead, they will identify existing issues while searching for opportunities to boost performance or reduce resource usage.

This work sometimes means revealing uncomfortable truths about budgets, technology, or operations. Often, it’s easier for a consultant to reveal this information as an external expert. Sometimes, even if they have the same thoughts, internal employees might feel resistant to sharing their views or fear their voices won’t be heard. 

  1. Specialized Knowledge

When you hire an SQL Server consultant, you have immediate access to their expertise. These professionals are up to speed on industry best practices and the latest in technology. Having witnessed how certain configurations work in practice, they’ll bring the experience they’ve gained at every site before yours. Chances are, they’ve worked with and tested many different configurations. They bring the advantage of working with systems at dozens of companies to see what works and what falls flat. This experience may offer more nuanced opportunities for the analysis of your data.

Between their onsite experience and their commitment to staying current, an SQL Server consultant will bring specialized knowledge to your team. Their deep understanding of database operations can help you get to the bottom of longstanding issues, answer lingering questions, and/or speed up your processing times. 

  1. Lower Risks

When you hire a trusted expert, you’ll lower operational risk. With deep industry experience and wide knowledge of SQL servers, they will get to the bottom of existing issues, without worry of causing damage.  

When problem-solving, it might be tempting for your internal administrators to use scripts they find online, some of which can damage your systems. Many are long and need to be unpacked properly or they may cause catastrophic damage to your dataset. 

A trusted consultant will use reliable scripts from good sources, test them carefully on a subset of your data, and make careful, but strategic movements forward. In other words, the right consultant will bring expertise to your dataset while lowering the risk of mistakes.      

  1. Efficient Knowledge Transfer

Naturally, when you hire a consultant, they work closely with your teams. Whether you bring in an expert as part of a migration project or to make your database more scalable, you want your systems to work efficiently

As they identify the structure and layout of your data, they will share their insight and findings regarding your systems, laying out the problems in plain language and explaining how the proposed solutions work. This is an extremely efficient way for your internal teams to gain specific knowledge. 

It saves your team from spending hours searching for answers through Google or online forums. With an external SQL consultant onsite, they can ask questions they’ve long wondered about or those that crop up as they work side-by-side. 

This hands-on knowledge transfer is invaluable for a business of any size, but especially for a smaller business with a modest IT or data team. In a busy operation, data-specific training is both cost-effective and operationally efficient. 

  1. Optimize SQL Queries: Make Your Database Run Faster Tie Up Loose Ends

One of the most important reasons to hire a consultant is their ability to tie up loose ends when a project ends. Whether you have been examining query operations, server activity, upgrading software, or making other changes, when your project reaches an end, you want someone to help you complete the finer points.

On a busy team, it might be tempting to call a quick end to a project and move on before loose ends are properly tied up. Having an external SQL consultant on board will make sure the project is properly finalized and documented, with health checks and further testing done, helping everyone feel a sense of completion.   

There are plenty of reasons to hire an SQL Server consultant for your business. They can not only resolve existing issues, but they also help you to prepare for large-scale projects such as data migration and/or long-term stability.  

A specialized consultant is a temporary asset to your organization. While some team members may fear that a consultant would try to replace employees, a reputable consultant will do no such thing. They will only want to help your business improve operations and get to the bottom of any issues quickly. You can rest assured they are not in the business of taking over or making any job redundant, but instead cooperating and mentoring team members to help them grow and advance.

Of course, if you plan to hire a consultant, it’s important to find the right one for your job. Be sure to check reviews, ask for references, and trust your instincts. A trusted SQL professional will set your team at ease and help you get to the bottom of issues quickly. 

At SQL Tailor Consulting, we help our clients trade guesswork for precision. Using diagnostic tools and techniques, we’ll pinpoint the root cause of your SQL server’s performance issues to help you put an end to sluggish queries that waste time and money.

Hire an SQL Server Consultant

If you’re thinking of hiring an SQL Server consultant, start with a free consultation. Whether you’re looking to eliminate slow queries, improve reliability or uptime, reduce CPU or IO bottlenecks, or resolve a longstanding database problem, we take a proven, strategic approach to your data issues, eliminating problems while fine-tuning your SQL environment. At SQL Tailor Consulting, we’re ready to tackle your pain points while optimizing overall system performance. 

To get your Microsoft SQL server running at peak speed, call us for a free, no-obligation consult: 248-919-8086.  

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