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Our Microsoft SQL Server consultants have the expertise to ensure your database is setup for performance, security, and reliability.



Expert SQL Server Consultancy

Ready to elevate your SQL Server environment? Whether it’s navigating the complexities of upgrades, optimizing infrastructure, or pioneering migrations, SQL Tailor stands by your side. Our SQL professionals are here to guide your journey, ensuring decisions are informed, risks are mitigated, and downtimes are minimized. Dive into the world of bespoke SQL Server solutions with us and witness the transformative impact on your operations.

At SQL Tailor, we understand the critical role SQL Server plays in your business operations. Whether you’re considering upgrades, migrations, or designing a new SQL infrastructure, our SQL professionals are here to guide you through the process. Our consultancy services draw upon 25+ years of experience of Joe Fleming in Microsoft SQL DBA Services like SQL DR strategies, setting up Availability Groups and Failover Clusters, working with replication, performance tuning, and evaluating overall SQL Server health. Reach out to explore how our SQL consultancy services can revolutionize your business operations.

Experience Matters.

Get industry-leading SQL Server setup services from our team of experts.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our consultancy extends across several key areas, ensuring a bespoke approach to your SQL Server challenges:

Custom Infrastructure Design

Partner with us for a bespoke SQL Server design that aligns perfectly with your specific needs, from storage configurations to component distribution.

Cloud SQL Migrations

With our Cloud SQL expertise, transitioning to the cloud is seamless, secure, and optimized for your success, balancing performance, cost, and availability.

Health Checks

Start with a comprehensive review of your SQL environment, identifying areas for improvement and strategic recommendations.

SQL Server Upgrades

Navigate upgrades smoothly with our proven methodologies, minimizing disruption to your operations.

Performance Optimization

Beyond SQL Consulting, we also offer specialized SQL server tuning service to assist with ad-hoc issues.

High Availability

Gain better uptime, reporting, and disaster recovery capabilities to safeguard your system from unexpected interruptions.

Unlock the Full Power of Your SQL Server

Businesses often grapple with the challenges of maintaining high availability, ensuring disaster recovery capability, and optimizing performance — each a pivotal component in today’s data-driven environment. Our extensive consulting and DBA experience has equipped us with the skills to quickly identify problems, articulate the problem and solution in plain language, and explain the best path forward taking any business constraints into account.

SQL Tailor specializes in implementing effective DR strategies, setting up Availability Groups and Failover Clusters, managing replication, and conducting thorough performance tuning and health evaluations. Our approach is to address these common pain points with tailored solutions, leveraging our firsthand success in enhancing SQL Server environments to ensure reliability, efficiency, and optimal performance for our clients.

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